About Me

Entering the world of real estate I bring with me a depth of experience in client and business relations. Driven by my passion of fair and honest dealings I promote a high standard of service and knowledge to advocate for my clients the best ultimate outcome in their quest for a home that suits their lifestyles and their financial needs.
When choosing to buy or sell your property, the first and most important decision you will ever make. I recognize that choosing the right broker comes second. With over 20 years’ experience in public relations and in the public service sector plus having traveled and re-located all over the globe, I understand that the impact of each decision can be monumental.  The foundation of the relationship with my clients begins with trust, and my approach is not to try to convince you to do something but rather show the way through information, statistics and taking the time to make sure you clearly understand the choices at every step of the journey. This will ultimately lead you to make the most informed choice that is right for you. 
Careful, methodical and analytical, I use my principles of business and strong communication skills to provide each of my clients the security of making this life choice.